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Sarah Westin

DEXs play a key role here and using them to get in on newly listed tokens on the ground floor is where the real money is …. talked about here 3 New Cryptos Listed on IDEX: TALAO, VXV & HEAL

Matt mun

The Jumia referred to here is fraught with low quality products and electronics such as phones that are not meant for specific countries. I would not buy from Jumia online! Honesty, the products Jumia is selling online have a major issue in relation to meeting the standard quality requirements.

Austin Patrick
Thomas Newt

I sometimes would go into Netflix to the exact show I wanted. But sometimes I want to browse the titles to see if anything interesting is on. But you have to browse quick if you don’t want the non-stop auto-previews playing. It ended up being so annoying that I stopped browsing and so would end up having fewer and fewer shows that I wanted to watch.

Then I finally figured out how to stop the auto-previews. I cancelled Netflix.

James Powers

God dammit. I just got a good job with a call center with a major bank. I finally have a job for the first time with health care… WHAT THE FUCK ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY HAVE NO JOB? Break shit. That’s what.

Andrew Inc

And the Rabbit hole goes much deeper Alice.

This very well could be a cosmic 5th dimensional joke played very well with a clear chicken or the egg time paradox as really there is no such thing as time. For those not paying attention let me clarify.

A few days prior to the 420 private tweet, Musk comments about a Hitler meme. This just also happens to be Hitler’s birthday, and the movie was about Hitler’s last days. “Downfall”.

And also now we have tripping on Acid – a nice reference of “High” to go great with the other 420 reference. That happens to be the 420 string theory.

So will all of this be Musk’s downfall, or is he playing the Mad Hatter, and inviting everyone to take a trip through the cosmic wormhole.

More of the 420 “high” reference and keeping things “private” by Azealia Banks just adds to the action. [I didn’t make this up.]

Oh and the “never” reference sealed his cosmic fate ;-)

In the end, he’s still a great visionary and this acid trip(s) and the references to fast cars and escorts just makes him that much more human. Way to go Rocket Man!

~ AI

David B
Daz Quick

You say you want an alert whenever your location is requested? You mean exactly like that GPS icon that pops up in the notification bar every time an app asks for your location? That one?

And then when you go into Location under Privacy in the settings, it tells you which apps have recently requested your location?

Yes, all completely hidden.

Pamela Landon

Just because it is private companies doing the censoring does not make it wrong. These companies are owned by people in the International Global Elite, who want to take over the World. One of the few things stopping them is our First and Second Amendment Rights. These are given to us by God and protected by our Constitution.

Charles Addams

I’m sorry, but he’s correct. Straight white women in America are as privileged a group as they come. We should be looking to create actual diversity among the top management, not just adding a woman.

Philip Arthur

PS: This “California may mandate a woman in the boardroom ideal, is That of a woman because of their wanting to be better than man and not equal to a man.

Philip Arthur

Anyone who wants to put a woman in the position to have control over man does not believe in GOD or his word the BIBLE (Basic, Instructions, Before, Leaving, Earth).
God said that woman will never have authority over man. History has shown that almost every woman who has been a president or in one way or the other has caused fail for the governed entity.
One case in fact I think is; Late 2007 and beyond (That still exists today) we had a real estate collapse. Y? well in 2007, “Nancy Pelosi is the Minority Leader in the United States House of Representatives. In 2007 she became the 60th Speaker of the House and the first female Speaker in American history, a position she held until 2011.”

God said: (Quote the King James BIBLE)
Genesis 3:16
Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”
1 Corinthians 11:3
But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

1 Corinthians 14:34
women are to be silent in the churches. They are not permitted to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says.
GOD blessed America and it is possible it was because our greatest desire was to worship him in our own way as well as, we have “IN GOD WE TRUST” all over the place. The only reason the forefathers wanted separation of the church and government was because of the Roman Catholic church’s control over the King & Queen’s of England & France, The forefathers did not want the Roman Catholic church to have control over the President of America.

Woman is a sort-of thorn in GOD’s side. She took his creation man away from him (With the help of Satan in the form of a Serpent) and it is my believeth that Satan is pushing that thorn hard into GOD’s side today by using woman (Women) to take authority over man in any way possible. Satan tried it with JOB but it didn’t work. He is having better success using woman now.

The world is losing face with GOD because man is turning away from GOD and his word the BIBLE. I believe GOD has turned his back to man (And woman) and we are on our own.

The world has become the resurrection of Sodom and Gomorrah and it’s most recent newest sub-division is America, with the, man with man and woman with woman (The BIBLE says to be an abomination to GOD) Marriage (Which is man’s in the first place because, of man’s GREED and LUST and not GOD’s ideal).

A lot of people are saying the world is a madhouse now and WHERE! is GOD? Read the BIBLE and he will show you the way to turn it around. Who is to say that Trump is not GOD’S attempt to say:


Dennis Kihlstadius

Unfortunitly the avocados do not ripen properly. If you look at the comments from other articles about this I am not the only consumer to have experienced poor ripening results even after 10 days at home.

Leon Wilk

Alright, let me also ask, what percentage of garbage disposal crews is female? How about oil mining field workers (“roughnecks”)? How about parity as construction crew? Road repairs? Mining? Shouldn’t there be a requirement for California to have an equal representation at these jobs? What’s with singling out the “boards of directors”?

Ron MacDonald

Serving a subpoena is how a prosecutor collects evidence of crimes. If you want the truth, you should be all over evidence collection.

adlane fellah

Managing home Wi-Fi is more complex than it appears from the outsider perspective. In fact, it involves many aspects, and the corresponding technology solutions in supply reflect this complexity. There is no one single approach to solve all coverage and performance problems that would fit them all. Consequently, service providers can opt for various approaches to resolving fronthaul and backhaul issues. Some operators we spoke to, e.g., Comcast or Bell Canada, are in favor of a multi-AP strategy where a 4X4 radio is complemented with a number of extenders backhauled wirelessly with a dedicated channel. By contrast, European service providers have traditionally opted with a wireline backhaul and a limited number of access points. More at

John Fulton

Getting into mortgages is smart. This way they don’t have to offer sellers low-ball offers from investors. By funding the seller’s next purchase, they can capture the loan origination fee, and worry about selling the house for fair market value, closer to what they will need to offer sellers if they want this to become mainstream. They can then use an affiliate to list the home of which will cost the seller a commission, but at least they don’t have to worry about that – they can move into their new home and write a cash offer with no sale and settlement contingency. They can keep scratching premier agent backs because the buyer will need an agent to buy – so they can funnel them to the premier agent affiliates.

Claude Fistarious


Claude Fistarious

… and a cat, a rat, and an elephant! Government control of private enterprise… makes per sense!!

Freddie Saunders

This is very very poor journalism, and Natasha Lomas comes across as someone that has never actually worked in a large technical organisation, and is simply being Mrs. 20-20 hindsight vision.

The discussions in this article are not positioned as ideas, but simply virtue signalling by the author, with her beliefs and philosophical ideas, as Facebook as the enemy.

Facebook have issues, yes, but give them a damn chance to sort it out.

Honestly the integrity of TechCrunch is going down hill, real fast!

(Just to note: after the Cambrdige Analytica scandal, I deactivated my Facebook, so I am by no means a Facebook/Zuckerberg fan boy)

Wayne Diam

I started hating the look & feel of square Apple watch; I wanted a “mans” watch, so I ended up buying the new Samsung. Prefer all the Apple apps but love the look of the round-faced masculine Samsung smartwatch. If only Apple would release a proper smartwatch!!! If they do, Garmin watches will slowly fall away, their only survival would be to launch a Garmin app that works on IOS and that links to all their other devices and then charge a fee for the app.

Jesse Jay

i mean, its happened before…

Jesse Jay

lol, yea and that is scamming money.


Anyone else think the Saudis will become the primary investors and sink the company so we’re all still driving oil-powered cars? M.

Keenly following this…..