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Berlin Siege

Wow – how can this be innovative when it has been done several times before?

Ken Grant

What in the world is wrong with the Syfy channel? The Expanse is the best science fiction series ever made, period! Technically, it is in a world of its own. Very happy Amazon sees the light.

Jack Daniels

Ranju Das ? Oh, I remember this piece of sh*t. I worked for him at Nook Inc. where he treated employees as slave-master (e.g. screaming “f*ck you” on female Indian QA engineers), played politics all the time instead of doing meaningful work and he ended up being fired from Barnes&Noble for failing Nook API project. It’s unfortunate that such person was raised to Director level at Amazon.

Jeffrey Isaac

“But now that the early returns are in, it’s clear that GDPR, while well intentioned, has already delivered a massive and unexpected externality: Instead of limiting the reach of the most powerful players operating in the world of data, it has in fact achieved the opposite effect.”

Jeffrey Isaac

The GDPR rules are anti capitalist and anti growth if the intent is to force companies that use an advertising model to offer their services for free- in essence turning the business into a not for profit or worse.

A simple fix here is for FB to offer an advertising free service for $100+ per month. Effectively, complying while ending in the same result? The folly.

In the meantime China continues to usurp the EU in technological advancement because they are not held back by heavyhanded oversight of regulations. The sad state of well intentioned, statist government making bad policy harming those it intends to help.

Jeff Mayor

The abundances of available porn is a blessing for men, who are relentlessly driven by their hormones to seek relief. Inevitability any sexual encounter with a female does not turn out well, and if the man is fortunate it is just an unpleasant experience, in not so fortunate you get accused of some atrocity and watch you life get destroyed by social media. Try to get a decent job once social media has decimated your reputation. If you have the misfortune of becoming famous it is almost guaranteed that will be accused of some transgression from your past.

john roy

I would say women are leading the dance since quite a long time claiming for their freedom, and liberation from men, claiming for more equality, and more recently increasing the pressure with harrassment by men (“pigs” !). With respect to these, i would say men are reacting quietly, bowing to these loud women claim. With this respect, “porn” (or free porn) is really a blessing. It doesn’t harm anyone does it ? Of course men sexuality becomes “porn-like” and quite away from the “real world”. The surprise would be that women would be surprised of this !

On an other level, many men live bad divorce, and their own claim for fairness are being a bit “biased” as judges are mostly women.

My personal experience with women is that they are often lovely beings on the outside, but a bit less lovely inside ! Of course this s my very personal opinion on the subject and i m not asking anyone to share it.

Zee Iyer

Although Drumpf isn’t playing trade games in the name of higher principles, he is just operating in the business interests of the trump empire ->

Joel lSmith

Kudos Prime! Now how about adding “The Outsiders” from WGN, great show, very popular and would bring another great fan base.

Obisi Salachi

The time for me to openly fear AI is when we’ve been able to manufacture extremely advanced humanoid robots with powerful independent and embedded AI systems… When the robots can fully/totally extract raw materials, transport them, manufacture the products that run them e.g batteries.

Working on AI on my computer, it’s laughable what happens to my project if my several is out of power… Or the whole computer is broken… Or someone cuts the electricity cable supplying electricity to my house…

In summary, I can’t OPENLY fear AI yet.

Gary Meyer

I swapped out my Gateway for Comcast’s new “faster and more powerful” modem this week. Is has a pretty design but is hidden so who cares? There are no lights to let you know if everything is working. My speed test with my MacAir next to the modem topped an impressive 400mps but I rarely use it there. It is used on another side of the wall which cut the speed by more than 25%. Upstairs but just above the modem dropped to under 200. But the worst part is that the computer in our home office which is a few rooms away and upstairs cannot get either the 2.4 or 5 signals. We used to have problems and per the suggestion of a Comcast tech got a separate modem with ethernet to get online. But in the past six month the wifi has worked fine—not super fast but acceptable. Now nothing and to top it off the separate modem can’t work because Comcast wants it to be signed into their system which does not recognize it.

A tech came today. For some reason he started out by checking out TVs and putting some kind of device on the cable line that he explained “would keep our cable signal from straying to the neighbors” —WTF? It is hard-wired and can’t do that so I am suspicious what he did. Finally got to the internet and he futzed around and did not even want to go to the office with no signal. I insisted and he saw the modem and said “you can’t have that.” I won’t go into details except to say that I got Comcast to approve the use of it and they no longer challenge it when I call in for help.
This guy’s solution was for me to buy the xFi Pods which they do not carry on the truck. More money to Comcast on top of my already outrageous bill. But I dutifully went online to buy them and was told they are not currently for sale. The stores are closed Sunday and Memorial Day. I called tech support and when prompted said I was calling about Internet connection problems. I was routed to a cable trouble shooter who did not know what the pods are and said to call back in the morning when customer service was open.
Is this anyway to run a company?

Justin Yeo

How do you remove the emoji bar? It covers the comments

John Lai

Funny is how they urge Trump to kill ZTE but totally fine while Obama had done nothing about it. Plus has anyone ever placed a thought towards consequences results from killing ZTE by force presently?

Mike Van Winkle

I would love to see some regional geographic breakdown. If you surveyed all CEOs in Chicago you would likely find local schools overrepresented. How much is Stanford’s dominance simply a matter of being in the Bay Area? I think there’s a lot to unpack there. While the analysis is interesting presented as is I don’t feel gives a full picture of what if any correlation there is between certain universities and funding in startups.

David Kline

Richelle, since I don’t own a single patent, it’s of hard for me to be a patent troll, don’t you think?

And Tavashtar, Trump imposed penalties on ZTE only for national security reasons — i.e., for violating sanctions against Iran and N. Korea. He said nothing — and still says nothing — about the company’s IP theft and infringement.

Karl Bell

“This is car that a person could drive on most days”

Me am reader who notice typo.

Tvashtar Moon

Strange headline considering he imposed the penalties in the first place, which means he was the first president to actually do something about not only ZTE, but China’s abuse of NAFTA and other trade practises.

Chase Palmieri

News producers should be held accountable by news consumers. It’ll only strengthen the industry. The people at Tribeworthy are already doing this: (

Chase Palmieri

Glad you like the idea because it already exists! It’s called Tribeworthy(

Chase Palmieri

Exactly Laramie, what’s the downside in being able to see what other news consumers think/trust? And the platform already exists! It’s called Tribeworthy(

Chase Palmieri

Also, the author doesn’t mention that this platform already exists. It’s called Tribeworthy(

Chase Palmieri

Exactly, when you review an article, you’re actually contributing to an author and outlet’s aggregate rating. And this platform already exists! It’s called Tribeworthy(

Chase Palmieri

The highest quality journalists, you know, the ones not writing opinion pieces…. will benefit and have nothing to fear. And we would all benefit from being able to see what other news consumers trust or distrust online. The crazy thing is that this platform already exists! It’s called Tribeworthy(

Chase Palmieri

Exactly right. And it already exists! It’s called Tribeworthy(

Chase Palmieri

It actually already exists! It’s called Tribeworthy(